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            Over 300 types of weapons, armor, spells and potions.

Rage of Mages offers you a slew of weapons and armor to choose from in equiping your character. Of course you'll nees plenty of gold to get the best stuff. Augment your powers with spell tomes and bring along plenty of potions to stave off your impending doom when mortally wounded.

                                  Greater than 25 branching missions

The discrete missions in RoM help to wave you into the story line and slowly bring you up to speed on what will ultimately be required of you. Choose your missions carefully to build your character's strenght and gain enough gold to equip them right.

                                         Enemies and Creatures

There's no shortage of foul friends and feisty foes to face off against on each of your missions. Rage pits you against 50 kinds of deadly enemies and creatures. Remember, that's 50 different kinds, at any one time you could be facing a whole pack of any one type of monster, soldier, or other creature intent on cutting short your existence.

                                        True 3D terrain and real-time lighting effects

This is a stunningly beautiful game. Walk your character up a True 3D hill and watch them labor, on their way back down watch as they speed up with entuhusiasm for the fight ahead. Track the shadows cast by the trees as the sun rises and sets. Head for the town for a real treat as you marvel at the pre-rendered screens.

                     5 spheres of magic offer many unique spells and special effects

Spell effects are nice, spell effects are cool, spell effects can save your behind in a pinch. Choose Air, Wind, Earth, Fire or Spirit as your specialty. This will help determine what kinds of spell you cast well and which ones you might not want to depend on when your life is on the line.

    Animated characters dynamically display their acquired weapons and armor

Equip that cool new helm and watch as your character changes right before your eyes. Get decked out in the best that the town store has to offer and you'll be rewarded as your character becomes such an incredibly imposing figure that the enemies run away in fear (dramatic license taken...please don't expect any fear from these deadly beasts and barbarians).

    Excellent AI responds to the experience and capabilities of your character

Those you will face in battle want you dead in a bad way. You'll need foresight, good strategic planning, and an attitude to beat down these baddies. They will come after you with all they've got ang kick your butt if your not careful.

                        Multiplayer support for up to 16 people

Get ready to rumble! Multiplayer Rage will give you and your friends the change to try to wipe clean a map full of monsters or attempt to kill each other. Build your character up as you fight your way through the multiplayer levels and remember to equip wisely. You're going to need it.

                                    System Requirements

*    Pentium 133
*    2MB Video Ram
*    16 MB RAM
*    Soundblaster Compatible Sound Card.

                KEY FEATURES

*    RPG with RTS elements
*    complex and rich storyline that involves player in the fantasy world
*    640x480 and higher resolution 16-bit graphics in 65536 colors brings game to life
*    isometric 3D landscape with real-time lighting efects and Gouraud shading
*    night/day cycles with real-time shadows calculation
*     12 different terrain types
*     Gouraud shaded fog of war
*     single-click intuitive interface
*     movement rates depend on terrain and landscape
*     formations control
*     changing character’s equipment in combat
*     numerous weapon and armor types
*     advanced damage calculation system
*     real physics: fire and ice will ripple the ground and damage objects
*     skill-based character development system
*     advanced magic system, wide possibilities of five elemental spheres - Fire,
*     Water, Air, Earth, Astral
*     stunning 3D prerendered characters with perfect motion
*     alpha channel blending
*     over 15 storytelling animations
*     over 1  hour of digital music, voices and sound effects
*     improved AI with unit retreating and threat weighted attacks features
*     over 25 scenario missions
*     taverns, shops and trainers in towns
*     multiplayer mode for up to 16 players
*     numerous multiplayer missions
*     6 different heroes
*     over 15 mercenaries groups
*     over 50 monster types
*     4 different starting characters (male/female, warrior/mage)
*     3 difficulty levels
    various game speeds