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                OVER the centuries, many a high-spirited Hero has set out
        on the quest for the magical weapon that will break the devasta-
        ting cycle of war. But the mysterious island of Uimor, which har-
        bors  the only hope  for victory and  redemption, has  become a
        Hero's graveyard. Six hundred years have passed and adventurer
        after adventurer simply disappears into the island's cold heart of
            But a new generation is willing to take up the desperate challenge
        again, buoyed with courage and a deep belif in the quest. Moved by
        their commitment in the face of terrible odds, the court magician de-
        cides to equip these new adventurers with a priceless and powerful
        amulet. But now a new misfortune is about to enter the world along
        with your expedition.
                Will you succeed? Will you fall prey to a horrible fate? Can you
        prevent the end of the world, or will you vanish like your forefathers
        into the dark corners of the mysterious, unforgiving island of Uimor.

            What does the world of Rage of Mages hold in store for you? From
        the beginning you will be plunged into a world of danger, excitement
        and dark adventure. Our prologue will teach you the chilling, unforget-
        table history of this world. A terrible, tragic, seemingly endless war has
        exhausted the once-noble Kania Empire.