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                    WELCOME to Real Rage Of Mages World


    CREDITS               Who has done this greate game...
    WEBSITE EXPl.    You are in this page already. Answers: what can you do, where, and how...

     NEWS                  In my NEWS page you can find news and information about Heikki's web site.

     INFO                    Here is Info about Rages of Mages game : Features, Story, Weapons, Magic items and more more...

     HELP                    There you can find Help! You know, what I mean.

     CHATROOM       This is my personal Chatroom.

     IP SERVERS        There you can find list of Servers. You can add your own server here. How? let's find out!!! Click!!!

     GUILDS               List of active guilds. Add your own Guild name here or Join.

     DOWNLOAD         Stuff,  what you can download. Trainers, editors and other good stuff.

     CHEATS              There is Chetas for the Rage of Mages game.

     ROM MAPS        List of maps. Add your own map here and download new maps.

     SCREENSHOTS Bests screenshots from the game.

     HINTS & TIPS       How you can pass the level without Cheating. ( Hardest maps )

     HALL OF FAME  There is a TOP 10 Multiplayer gamers all over the world. How do become into list ? Click and find out

     ONLINE SHOP  How or where  can you buy this greate game and how many it costs.

     SPONSORS       List of  sponsors who helped me to build this page.

     FORUM             Ask your questions and comments here. You can tell me interesting information too...

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