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                    WELCOME to Real Rage Of Mages World
                                                                             NEWS PAGE

     NEWS                           02.10.1998.

     INFO                          Hi, this is the first day of my website. Im GLAD if you liked it. This page is going to be always
                                             under construction. Therefore i put every day some new things here. Today i have uptaded the
     HELP                              main page by enclosing mailinglist and Counter. Then i build explonation and this News page.
                                             In the links site i have puted up  Magus's  and Makkar's ROMpage. The Official ROM page
     CHATROOM                 should be there too. At the Links menu in  the left, there have to work News, Forum, Maili-
                                            list, and Links sites.
                                           03.10 -04.10.1998.
                                        Hi, again.
     DOWNLOAD            I have updated many things in my homepage. In the  GUILDS site i have posted up Immortal Guilds
                                        link. You can't join there now. To join you have to send author Magus a ROM map... OK
     CHEATS                    I got some  IP SEVERS too. And in  DOWNLOAD menu you can download Mapeditor, trainer,
                                        level skipper, russian server program and winzip. If you have'nt winzip, you can download it.
     ROM MAPS              Yesterday i have puted up a  HALL OF FAME menu. There you can see Top 10 Multi Players.
                                        Cool. Im updating this list every week. Now there are my Heros name Heikki. There is also instruc-
     SCREENSHOTS        tion how to join to the list. Mnjah, the Sponsors link works too. And do not forget to sign your
                                        email to the mailing list. If you have any questions, mail me or write to the forum. Check  CHEATS.
     HINTS & TIPS           Have a nice day...