The Defaults MAPs means that you can play only basic levels in there. Which are Forester, Deadly Islands, Kids Paradise, LuMoir and Waters.

If you want to ADD your own server here, then mail me. The subject Have to be NEW SERVER and i need your information too. Who is Owner, Name, What maps there can play, Open hours and your IP SEVER. Thats all.Click mail image ...


         OWNER            NAME            MAPS            OPEN       IP SERVER

      Chris            Chris           Defaults 10 PM -6;30AM  & 08 AM-3;00 PM
        Ely Conn's              -----          Defaults            -------
        Silver           Silver           Defaults            -------
       Varth Lokker    Varth's Domain           Defaults             24h 
       Goshen    Goshen's Domain           Defaults             -------
         Allods      Russian server         Defaults           24h      allods.ogo.ru
        Mastah Jigga     The Secret Door           Defaults           ------- 209.145.216


If you have some questions go to HELP site.